The K-pop K-nitter


Wowza! One of our international knitters made a surprise visit to the T-Dot!
And it was hella inspirational!

After exchanging some hagwon stories over “coppee” ( that’s for all my hanguk chingu’s)
we got down to the serious business of planning future bombs.

Now this particular knitter is probably the nicest, sweetest, most thoughtful person
you would be honoured to meet.  And when  she started telling me about the charity
work she has been involved with over in South Korea; where she is spending her free
time in soup kitchens, collecting hundreds and hundreds of socks to hand out to
the homeless, and basically being a world peace super star – it got me thinking
about what the heck the Bissell Bombers could be doing.

Fun Fact!
Did you know that there are knitting groups who take the scrap yarn from
finished projects, and make tiny little baby clothes with them for third world
hospitals to use?  

The idea is that babies are at a high risk of contracting pneumonia, so the vests and
 help prevent this.  A lot of  church groups have started up knitting circles
to make these, but you don’t have to share a faith to help out a kid.

I think that during the upcoming Reading Week, whenever I get stressed out
over assignments I’m going to take a breather, knit a pneumonia vest,
and giggle over pictures of babies.

Too friggin’ cute!


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