Musk Ox: Our “wool”-ey Mammoth


He’s sexy and he knows it

For those of you outside of the Great  White North,
this…creature… is  a musk ox.

He may look pretty ugly and out of place on this blog but this guy makes some
of the best yarn on the planet.

Ya heard me.
Musk oxen aren’t related to bison (even though they share the same
dumb facial expression) – they’re genetically closer to sheep and goats
meaning that the fur that helped then  survive an Ice Age
can be ours for the taking.

On the outside, all course and shaggy. On the inside, soft and fluffy wonderfulness.
The Inuit named the later (ie: the awesome stuff)  Qiviut ᕿᕕᐅᖅ   but what they
should have called it is “suck it Cashemere!”

  Qiviut is softer than cashmere and eight times warmer than sheep wool.
It also doesn’t shrink when you wash it, which for the domestically challenged
out there is a God-send.

Of course all this means that it’s gonna be pretty expensive.
According to the good people at Wikipedia, a knitted scarf will run you
about $300 American BUT it will last you 20 years.

So maybe when we’re all millionaires, we can use
Qiviut in our yarn bombing projects but until then feel free to
go wild with the cheap, oddly coloured stuff 🙂

The Eeyore of the North


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