Mother of Yarn Bombing


The nifty projects make up for the weird intro music, I swear!

Happy Reading Week to all the students out there!
Since we’re all supposed to be studying during our free
time, I thought we could fake a sense of crafting accomplishment
by taking a look at some of the work OTHER yarn
bombers have been creating.

If you’ve ever Googled “yarn bombing” chances are you’ve come across
an article or two about Magda Sayeg, the supposed Mother of Yarn Bombing
(I guess like how Duchamp was the Godfather of Conceptual Art?)
She’s done some pretty neat stuff in the past, like yarning* an entire bus
and earning a Saturday Night Live reference from Tina Fey.
So take a quite study break and check out her blog site.
I know a spent an embarrassing amount of time playing with the
kaleidoscope feature.

*yarning should totally be a real word. Get on this Roget’s.


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