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Comfy, Cushy, Crochet Wonderfulness



It’s a battle for the sole

The other day some Bissell Bombers headed out to the Vincent Graves Green Philatelic
Research Foundation
for a student exhibition opening.  It was a pretty fun time, and the
students  in charge of the show did an amazing job- enough to
get their own limited edition stamps!!!

To properly celebrate with the team, one of of bombers thought she’d get
herself all dolled up and pretend she was a proper adult…big mistake.
Whoever invented high heels must have truly hated women.

So while she is standing in a tub full of epsom salts cursing Carrie Bradshaw
and Manolo Blahnik we thought we’d draw your attention to some more
practical podiatry alternatives here. And for the brave, there are about
a million and one FREE patterns you can try for yourselves here.

Something tells us our poor and broken bomber is going to be allllll over those 😉


“I Yarn In Peace”


Alien #1                 Alien #2

Today I’m happy to announce a new addition to the Bissell gang!
He/she/it mysteriously appeared from some far away galaxy, and is
looking to settled down in our awesome iSchool.

But he/she/it is a little self conscious and wants make to a great first impression.
Help he/she/it decide what’s “in” this season by voting on whichever look you like best
by going through either our Twitter feed or Facebook group.

BONUS! The 10th person to submit their choice will also get to name our
new group member!

Purl 1001, Knit 0010



The Bissell Bombers have been getting pretty technological these past few days.
We started a Facebook group in order for people to post their own knitting related stories and events,
and we created a Twitter account so we could send out shorter fun facts that wouldn’t
have been enough to constitute a blog.

AND one of our writers has been practicing with the WordPress app on her awesome smart phone.
So while  she is suffering through some totally not related school meetings because she’s
incredibly professional and mature… you all get the benefit of pretty pictures (see above)!

Books and Hooks (CROCHET hooks that is)


I’ll admit that within the iSchool there is a bit of a rivalry between the MI and MMst students.
Libraries vs Galleries
Words vs Objects

But in the end, the resources we provide the public ultimately lead to the same things:
Education, personal transformation, and self actualization.

Kind of important things.

Working from that common ground and jokes at Mayor Fords expense, the Bissell Bombers
have decided to voice their support for striking Toronto Public Library staffers.

Since March 18th TPL staff have been on legal strike, setting themselves against
a series of changes that could drastically impact libraries throughout the city. As part
of their protests members have staged Read-in’s (which very clearly reference
library services) however, this Wednesday they will be hosting a Knit-in.

According the recent MI grad who contacted Bissell Bombers; knitting is,

…part and parcel of the stereotype of librarians as dowdy, grandmotherly figures. A Knit-In in support of a library both pokes light, tongue-in-cheek fun at this stereotype while simultaneously challenging it. Today’s knitters are full of passion and vitality. They choose to craft for the enjoyment of it and bring immense creativity to what they do. Such energy is a perfect fit for activist persuits, hence the rise of knit-ins and yarnbombings. 

Well said, well said!
If anyone is interested in checking out the event, knit will go down on
Wednesday March 28th from 11am-2pm at City Hall.
For more info go to the TPL-ers FB event page.

Derp de derp*


This blanket is so meta

You might have wondered why in my last post I transitioned from a bewildered review of
Seventeen Evergreen’s Polarity Song to talking about Olek without ever once mentioning
who was actually responsible for knitting the entire music video set.

So to answer your questions:
1. I got distracted by the drunk, blade wielding shenanigans!!
2. It’s Sarah Applebaum

 Now I have a question for her.
What’s the deal with the yetis??


 Seriously. This is not really  an answer.

Musical Monsters


Uhm…what the…
The first time I saw this video I had to make sure my Pillsbury Easter cookies hadn’t expired.

23 AL 2012

We’re good.
*om nom nom *

So the video must be the work of Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans of Seventeen Evergreen.
Well kudos to you boys for mixing psychedelic-electronic rock with crochet.
Unkudos for making me afraid of thrift stores.

Can’t say they are the first ones to create crochet creatures though.
The knit-knapers remind me of the work of Olek (Agata Oleksiak), a
Polish- American artist with a RIDICULOUS back story.

Something about being arrested for carrying a bladed article in a public place, being placed
under house arrest and not being able to talk about the situation… teaching Polish
prisoners how to crochet… WHAT?!

Her trial will be sometime in September of this year, and you can see the charges she’ll
be appealing on this blog.

What I imagine Lady Gaga would have created if she’d picked up a set of hooks instead of a microphone