If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts about Asia, I’m pretty much a HUGE fan girl.
I still watch any dramas starring Lee Min Ho, dance around to ridiculously bubbly K & J pop,
and when my stove decides to work again I’m going to make me a nice big bowl of bibimbap.

So when I saw this Japanese singing knit toy duo I knew that I HAD to post it on here.
Watch and be amazed!

So we’re in a good mood right?
Probably tapped our toes a few times?
Maybe want to make our own stop-motion video?

Well if you feel like getting crafty, may I suggest an alternative.
After stumbling upon that video, I also came across a Japanese knit blog post.

What an incredibly charitable idea!
So this German dude Bernd Kestler has been living in Japan since 1998 and when the
Tohuku region was struck by the massive 3/11 earthquake he wanted to use his knitting skills to help out.
He’s asked people to either send finished products (hats, socks, scarves, etc.) or supplies (yarn, needles, etc.)
to both clothe victims and give them something to pass  the time while staying in the shelters.

Even though the earthquake happened nearly a year ago, the need for aid is still pretty high
and I’m really happy to hear that today Bernd received another 3 boxes full of supplies.

To everyone who has donated and to the people of Japan, ご幸運を祈ります。


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