Shout-out to Some Clever Ladies


From the ‘Surviving: Voices from Ravensbrück’ 2005 exhibit

“In the chests of drawers titled ‘Sabotage,’ objects include satirical drawings of camp life sketched by prisoners on
scraps of packaging,
 and a pair of ‘sabotage socks’— forced to knit socks for the German army,
women prisoners devised a way of making the heels extremely uncomfortable.
” 1

What the what?!?!
Dear Women of the past,
You were awesome. I am sorry I only learned about this today.

Dear Past Highschool History Teachers,
*tsk tsk

Another interesting museum nerdy fact:
The Canadian War Museum is hosting a knitting challenge this month.
Not only will the museum teach visitors different knitting techniques, but you
can also add your piece to a collaborative project set up all through March.

The challenge is taking place in conjunction with the special exhibition
New Brunswickers in Wartime, 1914 – 1946
so if you happen to be in Ottawa, you should check it out.

1. Bonnell, Jennifer and Roger I Simon. 2007. ‘“Difficult” exhibitions and intimate encounters’ In Museum and Society 5(2): 65-85


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