“Collaboration, Convergence & Communities” and Crochet!!


My “academic” contribution to the conference

Fellow MMSTers and ischoolers!
If you haven’t yet checked out the 3 C’s conference put on by some amazing students – you’re missing out!
The whole thing is about big trends in the cultural heritage sector. So if you want to get a job after this program
you should probably come hear about current projects, future plans, and how people have been handling challenges…

Sunday is your last chance to sit in on panels, and it’s filled with some goodies
(and I’m not just referring to the YUMMY chocolate danishes and chai tea).

Here’s a list of panels for today:

Sunday March 4
10.00 AM – 11.00 AM Performing Arts Panel
  • Ashley Bodiguel
    A Discussion About A Digital Canadian Theatre DatabaseLindsay Gibb
  • Zines and Libraries
  • Amanda Oliver
    Performing Arts Collections and Metadata Schemes
11.30 AM – 12.00 PM Information Behaviours and Users Panel
  • Amy Weir
    Art-Based Library Users: Understanding the Unique Information Behaviour Amongst Specialized Library Users
  • Gabby Resch
    Experiencing Authentic Reality: Delivering Information Content or Facilitating Narrative in Augmented Reality Design
12.30 PM – 1.30 PM Lunch Break
1.30 PM – 3.00 PM Round Tables
  • Brian Joe
    Academic Access: Digitization, Copyright and Secondary Use
  • Richard McKibbon
    Digitization Initiatives at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory
  • Sarah Simpkin
    Makerspaces in Libraries and Other Public Venues
  • Michelle Thomson
    The People’s Library: Activism, Community-Building, and Collaboration at the Occupy Wall Street Library
  • Hannah Turner
    Catalogues and Communities: Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge Online
3.30 PM – 4.00 PM Closing Remarks

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