Staircase Update


New Additions

I’m very happy to report that the rest of the conference went off without a hitch.
Hurray for successful student panels!

Not only was I introduced to some really interesting things happening in the
museum and library fields, but I also learned a few new things about the process
of yarn bombing Bissell.

1. This place echos, everything!
I can’t tell you how many times I heard doors opening, shoes scuffling, mumblers coming
closer and closer in my direction however, I can tell you how fast I ducked out into the
hall or hid behind corners .

2. Bissell has security guards!?
During one of my Ninja style sneak attacks I nearly collided with a man in uniform just
sitting around the lobby waiting for… me?  Suffice to say that after this encounter I sped up
my stitching significantly (so don’t focus too much on the quality please and thank you).

3. Measure twice, cut once
This weekend gave me a refresher on how large some of the objects I had intended to bomb
actually were. My system of using finger lengths to determine the length or width of rails and
chair legs is not the most accurate and as a result I have to do some trimming. That sure was fun
to do while a guard was a floor beneath me and a conference was going on above me…

4. Right pocket = Scissors, Left pocket = Needle
This made me feel clever. To ensure I could get out of Dodge at a seconds notice I made
sure to leave my purse open (to easily toss in my yarn) always kept my tiny scissors
in my right pocket unless I was using them, and designating the left pocket for the needle
so I wasn’t fumbling around for it when I returned to an interrupted bombing.

 I’ll be keeping all these things in mind as I continue to work around the ischool.
And I’ll try to better document the pieces as I go along.
Points 1,2, and 3 all = shaky photographer.


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