Toronto Trend Stitchers


It’s SPRING!!!
Well, the calender might not agree with me but boo on that because
I hear birds chirping, the sun is out, and too many people are already in crocs.

So to celebrate this fantastically wonderful WARM weather
(and my first spring in Toronto)
I thought I would pay tribute to some of the outdoors bombings
that have happened around the city.

First up, The Textile Museum of Canada!
A) Because the Bissell Bombers are all museum majors
B) Museums are awesome, even more so when they support cool projects
like yarn bombing.

A think tank course at OCAD came up with “Toronto Bound: A Living Atlas”
And not to leave out any knitters, an extension of the project has been Yarnbomb Toronto

Everyone knows about the crazy obnoxious glowing corner called Honest Ed’s.
Rob Elliot even posted a toilet paper cozy version of it!!

Lily Dustbin of Knithacker spotted this in front of Wild Wing on Dundas West.

This might also have been her contribution to the Pom Pom Project
where Natalie Jones has sent 1000 pom pom’s around the world
and asked people to photograph them.

Lakeshore area park bench courtesy 1000 Acts of Art

Spotted by Tino of Urban Repair Squad

qKnit has also been known to “bomb” things around Queen & Ossington and
Baldwin & Beverley, but ever since the G20 she hasn’t been posting… :S

Seeing these cheerful creations has gotten the Bissell girls
motivated to move some of our projects outside our ivory tower.

Be warned Toronto!
The mits are off and we’re comin’ for ya!


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