Inappropriate Title Overload!


Ok, let’s play a game. It’s called, “Follow her crazy line of thought”.
It goes a little something like this:

I’ve been trying to find an angle in which to write about some museum studies
student exhibitions. Because I’m a nice person, and museums rock.

But this is a yarn blog.
We talk about yarn.

So… when I saw that Spark! The Heart of Art and Science
at the Ontario Science Centre had an interactive textile installation
I jumped all over that.


Technically the DIY Body Project by Britt Wray isn’t knit or crochet
but those arrangeable appendages did resonate with another
body part assemblage piece going out in the knit-o-sphere.

A while back, some not-so-clever men in the Excited States decided to start
talking about the reproductive rights of their opposite
gendered constitchuents (get it!? get it!?).

And it did not go so well.
On the positive side, the world got a refresher Health Education lesson.
*Insert hilarious memes and parodies of said not-so-clever men looking even more unclever*

One such project (and the final stop in our little blog game) is
Government Free VJJ !!!

You have the cutest uterus!!

The idea is pretty simple.
“If they have their own, they can leave ours alone”

The site hosts free patterns for anyone to use, as well as a letter
that you can sign and send to whoever your male congress rep is.

I would encourage people to check out the site, if not for
more information about the groups political affiliation than
at least for the super snarky comments about men’s
inability to find certain parts of the female anatomy 😉


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