Musical Monsters


Uhm…what the…
The first time I saw this video I had to make sure my Pillsbury Easter cookies hadn’t expired.

23 AL 2012

We’re good.
*om nom nom *

So the video must be the work of Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans of Seventeen Evergreen.
Well kudos to you boys for mixing psychedelic-electronic rock with crochet.
Unkudos for making me afraid of thrift stores.

Can’t say they are the first ones to create crochet creatures though.
The knit-knapers remind me of the work of Olek (Agata Oleksiak), a
Polish- American artist with a RIDICULOUS back story.

Something about being arrested for carrying a bladed article in a public place, being placed
under house arrest and not being able to talk about the situation… teaching Polish
prisoners how to crochet… WHAT?!

Her trial will be sometime in September of this year, and you can see the charges she’ll
be appealing on this blog.

What I imagine Lady Gaga would have created if she’d picked up a set of hooks instead of a microphone


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