Comfy, Cushy, Crochet Wonderfulness



It’s a battle for the sole

The other day some Bissell Bombers headed out to the Vincent Graves Green Philatelic
Research Foundation
for a student exhibition opening.  It was a pretty fun time, and the
students  in charge of the show did an amazing job- enough to
get their own limited edition stamps!!!

To properly celebrate with the team, one of of bombers thought she’d get
herself all dolled up and pretend she was a proper adult…big mistake.
Whoever invented high heels must have truly hated women.

So while she is standing in a tub full of epsom salts cursing Carrie Bradshaw
and Manolo Blahnik we thought we’d draw your attention to some more
practical podiatry alternatives here. And for the brave, there are about
a million and one FREE patterns you can try for yourselves here.

Something tells us our poor and broken bomber is going to be allllll over those 😉


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