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Heavens to Betsy! (Or should I say, Etsy *tee hee)
It has been an unforgivable amount of time since anything has been posted on this thing!
My apologies :S

The past week and a bit has served as a recovery period for some of the Bissell Bombers. With school
wrapping up we wanted to enjoy some of the sights of Toronto we had been missing all year.
In the time between celebrating completed projects, and packing up for the next part of our
life journey the blog was a bit… abandoned.

Despite the fact that our Curatorial Practice class has come to an end, this member has become
pretty invested in yarn bombing and wants to keep it up. I did take a few days of “me time”
but I don’t want to abandon this blog completely.

Unfortunately this summer is going to be pretty jam packed with othe

r museum related
responsibilities, including an awesome internship at an awesome museum (which you
should all run and check out, like NOW!) and a pub job to pay off some of those
lovely student fees.

To keep all you guys informed about nifty local projects and yarn stuff, I’ve decided to only post once
a week. That way I get to stay in touch with all of you, and I can keep my sanity 🙂

A sample of what is to come in future summer updates. 


It’s Time for Tim(mins)


Some unfortunate news to report: the stairwell project has come to an end.

After 3 months of sporadic sneak attacks,  and coming just days before a 14 piece granny square
addition the Bissell Bombers were asked ever so politely to please transfer the project to a new location.
We had originally suspected some resistance to the railing early on, but  when all was quite (despite our
web address on the accompanying tag) and other students started to contribute to it’s
growth we assumed we were good to go.

 But the Bissell Bombers are about making the campus pretty, not hazardous so
we’ve collected all the pieces and are going to think of a new home for it all.
If you’ve got any suggestions, leave a comment or write to us 🙂

And while one project was coming to an end, a new one began – all the way up in TIMMINS!! 

A big shout out goes to Jacqueline for her contributions. They couldn’t have come at a better time 🙂
Thanks for keeping us motivated!

Frowny Face Goat Why Are You Frowning?


Wow, what a day!
*collapses into an exhusted heap*

Two thumbs up for Toronto’s Green Living show this weekend. Some really neat stuff
was previewed and delicious gluten-free vegan desserts were nommed, but can
you guess which display caught the Bissell Bombers attention?

Now we know who to call if we ever want to incorporate live animals
into our yarn bombing projects 😉

Bonus: If you’re digging the ballin’ purple mystery mask our knitter is modeling
you should head over to Kate’s blog Scientific Culture for more
cute crafted cartoons.

This Bag IS Plastic


Congrats to our lucky Green Living ticket winner!
Tomorrow a certain someone will be noshing on treats from Whole Foods Market, checking out the
Fashion Takes Action eco-runway show, and a host of other green inspired events.

And since all these attractions are most likely going to result in some cool swag, I thought what better way
to stow it all away than in a crocheted recycled plastic bag tot.

I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember that child hood phase of the juice box bags
or the Starburst purses, but reused plastic has come a long way since then.


The 90s



                A simple Google search reveals there are tons and tons of free patterns floating around
waiting to be used.  I particularly like this red purse from Recycle Cindy who put in
a special request at her local library in order to get a hold of all those
red plastic newspaper bags.

Her site also includes a picture tutorial on how to make your own plastic yarn 🙂

I wonder what she could do with all the milk bags I’ve accumulated…

Up, Up, and Up-cycle!


In one of the first few postings the Bissell Bombers ever did, we wrote up a short fun fact filled blurb on qiviut
(musk ox fur spun into super wonderful yarn). As a relatively new knitter I’m still figuring out how to determine
yarn quality and use words like “skein” so occasionally I’ll do some Googling to find some ‘yarning for dummies’  info

As a newbie, I was also under the impression that yarn  was strictly a
by-product of whatever hairy animal was available.

Surprise surprise, this newbie was wrong again.

Turns out you can use other items that are laying about, like scrap newspapers!
I’ll spare you the German(?) translation from the Greetji van Tiem site, where she spun 20 yards of “yarn” and
redirect you to some more Ikea styled DIY instructions at Green Upgrader.

 A new use for those old school papers…

FYI it also happens that this weekend Toronto is hosting a Green Living Show where you
can hear about the latest green technologies, food, and fashions.
What a perfect tie-in to talk about up-cycled yarn…

Check out the Facebook group to see how you can
score a free ticket to the show!

Kirby’s Epic Yarn


Once again a Bissell Bomber has been struck by the common cold and was 
out of commission for a few days. Sorry for the lack of posting, but all the syrups,
pills and tonics I was on made my keyboard a bit tricky to navigate.

I was also worried that I had started hallucinating when I saw that there was a yarn video game?!
Leave it to the fine people at Nintendo to make something that is already adorable
(a pink, squishy ball from Dream Land) and add an awesome yarn element!!

In this Wii Game, our hero eats some random tomatoe that he finds and is banished by the evil
sorcerer Yin-Yarn to Patch Land, a place made completely out of fabric.
In this new world Kirby’s ability to fly and swallow/copy enemies are useless
so instead he uses a whip to capture things and turn them into balls of yarn.

Kirby’s mission is to collect seven pieces of magical yarn to restore Patch Land which has
been torn apart by Yin-Yarn. Kirby can also pull on buttons, and stray threads to alter the
shape of the landscape and reveal additional mini goals.

Sounds. Flippin’. Amazing!
So… the Bissell  yarn bombing project seems to be pretty well stocked with
skeins of yarn, but if anyone wants to donate some virtual yarn in the form
of this here video game that would be super helpful.

Ya know, for research purposes 😉

The Early Bunny Gets The Yarn


Looks like the Easter bunny was a little excited and dropped off my surprise a bit early.
But I’m not going to complain about a batch of fresh new colours to work with 🙂

The little guy even did some of the work for me.
Me thinks these granny squares would be perfect for the Bissell Stair well…