Stitch n’ Bitch(ing)


With the semester coming to a close, it’s crunch time for a lot of people and their papers.
Tension and stress levels are high, patience is practically non existent.

Thank goodness for the regularily schedualed yarn gatherings
often referred to as Stitch n’ Bitch sessions.
A time to rant without judgement, and refuel on the sanity other members offer.

To help out some Bissell Bombers and blog followers with these trying times, I thought
I would call in some of the toughest chicks I know…

Ok, so they might not actually tear down walls and destroy evil pigs BUT using
some of that pent up rage in a crocheting frenzy might help sooth the soul.

(And if that doesn’t work, they easily bounce off walls without leaving a mark.)
Only 16 more days left before all you brilliant academics get a well deserved break!!


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