Kirby’s Epic Yarn


Once again a Bissell Bomber has been struck by the common cold and was 
out of commission for a few days. Sorry for the lack of posting, but all the syrups,
pills and tonics I was on made my keyboard a bit tricky to navigate.

I was also worried that I had started hallucinating when I saw that there was a yarn video game?!
Leave it to the fine people at Nintendo to make something that is already adorable
(a pink, squishy ball from Dream Land) and add an awesome yarn element!!

In this Wii Game, our hero eats some random tomatoe that he finds and is banished by the evil
sorcerer Yin-Yarn to Patch Land, a place made completely out of fabric.
In this new world Kirby’s ability to fly and swallow/copy enemies are useless
so instead he uses a whip to capture things and turn them into balls of yarn.

Kirby’s mission is to collect seven pieces of magical yarn to restore Patch Land which has
been torn apart by Yin-Yarn. Kirby can also pull on buttons, and stray threads to alter the
shape of the landscape and reveal additional mini goals.

Sounds. Flippin’. Amazing!
So… the Bissell  yarn bombing project seems to be pretty well stocked with
skeins of yarn, but if anyone wants to donate some virtual yarn in the form
of this here video game that would be super helpful.

Ya know, for research purposes 😉


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