Up, Up, and Up-cycle!


In one of the first few postings the Bissell Bombers ever did, we wrote up a short fun fact filled blurb on qiviut
(musk ox fur spun into super wonderful yarn). As a relatively new knitter I’m still figuring out how to determine
yarn quality and use words like “skein” so occasionally I’ll do some Googling to find some ‘yarning for dummies’  info

As a newbie, I was also under the impression that yarn  was strictly a
by-product of whatever hairy animal was available.

Surprise surprise, this newbie was wrong again.

Turns out you can use other items that are laying about, like scrap newspapers!
I’ll spare you the German(?) translation from the Greetji van Tiem site, where she spun 20 yards of “yarn” and
redirect you to some more Ikea styled DIY instructions at Green Upgrader.

 A new use for those old school papers…

FYI it also happens that this weekend Toronto is hosting a Green Living Show where you
can hear about the latest green technologies, food, and fashions.
What a perfect tie-in to talk about up-cycled yarn…

Check out the Facebook group to see how you can
score a free ticket to the show!


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