This Bag IS Plastic


Congrats to our lucky Green Living ticket winner!
Tomorrow a certain someone will be noshing on treats from Whole Foods Market, checking out the
Fashion Takes Action eco-runway show, and a host of other green inspired events.

And since all these attractions are most likely going to result in some cool swag, I thought what better way
to stow it all away than in a crocheted recycled plastic bag tot.

I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember that child hood phase of the juice box bags
or the Starburst purses, but reused plastic has come a long way since then.


The 90s



                A simple Google search reveals there are tons and tons of free patterns floating around
waiting to be used.  I particularly like this red purse from Recycle Cindy who put in
a special request at her local library in order to get a hold of all those
red plastic newspaper bags.

Her site also includes a picture tutorial on how to make your own plastic yarn 🙂

I wonder what she could do with all the milk bags I’ve accumulated…

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