Heavens to Betsy! (Or should I say, Etsy *tee hee)
It has been an unforgivable amount of time since anything has been posted on this thing!
My apologies :S

The past week and a bit has served as a recovery period for some of the Bissell Bombers. With school
wrapping up we wanted to enjoy some of the sights of Toronto we had been missing all year.
In the time between celebrating completed projects, and packing up for the next part of our
life journey the blog was a bit… abandoned.

Despite the fact that our Curatorial Practice class has come to an end, this member has become
pretty invested in yarn bombing and wants to keep it up. I did take a few days of “me time”
but I don’t want to abandon this blog completely.

Unfortunately this summer is going to be pretty jam packed with othe

r museum related
responsibilities, including an awesome internship at an awesome museum (which you
should all run and check out, like NOW!) and a pub job to pay off some of those
lovely student fees.

To keep all you guys informed about nifty local projects and yarn stuff, I’ve decided to only post once
a week. That way I get to stay in touch with all of you, and I can keep my sanity 🙂

A sample of what is to come in future summer updates. 


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