Day Off!!!


Hello again!
I warned you that the Bissell Bombers would be taking a bit of a break this summer, so I
hope you’re not too upset with us and how long we’ve been taking between posts.

Since a lot of bombers have taken on unpaid internships for the summer (thanks economy!) we’ve
been supplementing our non-income with other interests like beer wenchery, and other fun restaurant gigs.

But every once in a super moon there comes a day when we’re not on call at either our museum
networking/museum skills building institution OR our paid part time gig.
And today was such a day!!!

First up, a little breakfast at Futures with CASToff Curator followed by a walk around
Kensington market. It’s been ages since I was last there and I was hoping to come
across something quirky and crafty. A few weeks ago an honorary Bissell Bomber
had walked past these knitted birds and what I’m hoping is a carrot cake muffin.

We didn’t have the same luck as her, but it was still a gorgeous day to be
meandering through all the little shops.  So nooooo complaints!

The rest of the day was spent trying to jam in as much “me time” as possible before
I turned into a pumpkin wearing an Irish style kilt and tediously reminding people
that we don’t do reservations for the patio *le sigh*

Until the next super moon!


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