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Diamonds, Crowns, and Yarn


NOT the Queen

Distraction (party) time!
There has been a lot of messed up stuff happening in Canada recently,
so let’s turn our attention across the pond instead.

Helloooooooooo! *said in the worst impression of Jon Stewart impersonating the Queen.

This summer marks the 60th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.
*insert tacky line about diamonds being a girls best friend*

For whatever reason, Price Charles and Camilla have already come and gone on a 4 day
tour of Canada (so basically they had enough time to check out our airports? Srsly).
But more entertaining events will be going on, like a flotilla!!

If you want to keep track of stuff, you can visit the queens website and I’m
sure both CTV and CBC will be milking this for all it’s programming worth.

 I on the other hand, will be trying to maintain a student life style (ie: study and work
my little butt off) and will most likely be unable to celebrate this mystery monarch.
However, I’m very tempted to try my hand at some of these crochet crowns…

I think I would look like one classy intern if I showed up wearing this.