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Animals in Sweaters


So the other day someone said something crazy about the weather being cold.
A) 23°C is NOT cold
B) Welcome to Canada, have fun with our winter

A spin off from this short conversation naturally led to the internet.
Oh the things you will find through a Google search…
Today I share with you,

Animals in Sweaters!

There are animals. Wearing sweaters.
And this site has been active since 2010!!!
How did I not know about this until now?

I feel that multiple trips to this site will be taking place around dates
coinciding with term papers…


Lost and Found


I’ve been going through a late “spring cleaning” phase lately and
started uncovering lots of little treasures around my place.

Like copious amounts of Rilakkuma stationary.
A few rings I thought I had lost to nights on the town.
And photos of yarn bombs, naturally.


These come courtesy of our dearly departed CASToff Curator.
Here’s hoping she send me some more stuff from those
majestic Alberta mountains.

And here’s hoping I don’t forget to post about them!
*collar tug*

Congrats to CASToff Curator!


Depending on whether you measure your yarn basket as half full or half empty, we’ve got some *blank* news for you!
Our grad student come yarn bomber has accepted a museum job!!

For those you not in the field, let me do the math for you.

Canada doesn’t think people like the arts ∴ art funding gets slashed a la Dexter stylz
Art places with no money = No jobs for fresh faced graduates

BEHOLD! Our crafty lady snagged herself an actual real life adult job!
Olé, olé, olé, olé!!

This all being said, because museum jobs are pretty hard to come by
our little buddy has abandoned us for the mountains of Alberta!!!!


I don’t get it. What does this place have that Toronto doesn’t??

Sure those tall peaks look spectacular set against clear blue skies…
And yeah, the fresh pine air is probably hella refreshing…
And  OK maybe there are some super friendly people who will welcome her
with open arms and show her the time of her life…but …but…


Being the supportive bombers we are, we should probably do our best to
keep on keeping on. But before she ducks out of Onterribleario we thought she
deserved a cutesy electronic send off.

So to pay homage to a friend, mentor, and yarn de-tangler here is something that’s
sure to make her cry and look like a hot mess when she arrives in her new home 🙂