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Fall = Everything Pumpkin Flavoured



As the next Bissell Bomber session approaches (remember it’s on Mondays now) I keep
thinking about what flavour vegan cupcake I’m going to chow down on as I
try to keep track of my latest knitting project pattern.

And while I was distracted by all  the Pinterested recipes online, lo and behold
I stumbled across the perfect way to celebrate Autumn (P.S that’s the classy persons way to say Fall).

Introducing Steeped in Tea 
 Apparently I’m not the only U of T student who has a blog.
I know, go figure eh?

So with one post I’ve pretty much hit two birds with one stone.
1. Supported a students side project.
2. Wrote about something tea related.
(The relation being that we knit in coffee shops that also serve tea)

This kind of brilliant academic article deserves a treat 😉


“One of Us! One of Us!”


It occurs to me, as I see countless young-uns parading down the street with
their purple stained skin and ridiculous chants,
that it might be time for the Bissell Bombers to start some frosh week antics of their own.

Since what we do is already pretty silly, and works best under the cover of night
it’s more a matter of finding the right people to take part in our dorky little club.

So introducing the first ever promotional flyer for the Bissell Bombers!!!
*drum rollllllllllll

Not too shabby eh?

Now let’s not forget that I am NOT in marketing, or graphic design, or retail… so I really don’t know
much about how to sell something. But for a first attempt I’d think this is pretty damn fine 🙂

The idea will be to post these all over the Bissell Building in the next week or so.
But if you’ve got suggestions on how to improve this thing, I’m all ears!

Back to Work


It’s back-to-school season and before everyone heads off into the woods to spend one last long weekend
in their fancy pants cottages, I thought I would do some early nerding out.

Our CASToff Curator has not been the only one to get a wicked museum gig out there in the working world.
I supposedly rocked my internship and now I’ll be writing blogs and doing some
other techy things for a full fledged museum!

And to celebrate this news, I naturally turn to knitting 😉
Given the time, I would TOTALLY yarn bomb my office – in a super professional way of course…

USB knit cozy, to make sure all my files are safe and comfy.

This would make me chuckle every day.

The friendliest “blue screen of death” I’ve ever seen.

Ok, so some of those are a bit ridiculous – but you should have seen some of the
ideas I DIDN’T post! There are clearly some very unproductive staff members out there lol!