Fall = Everything Pumpkin Flavoured



As the next Bissell Bomber session approaches (remember it’s on Mondays now) I keep
thinking about what flavour vegan cupcake I’m going to chow down on as I
try to keep track of my latest knitting project pattern.

And while I was distracted by all  the Pinterested recipes online, lo and behold
I stumbled across the perfect way to celebrate Autumn (P.S that’s the classy persons way to say Fall).

Introducing Steeped in Tea 
 Apparently I’m not the only U of T student who has a blog.
I know, go figure eh?

So with one post I’ve pretty much hit two birds with one stone.
1. Supported a students side project.
2. Wrote about something tea related.
(The relation being that we knit in coffee shops that also serve tea)

This kind of brilliant academic article deserves a treat 😉


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