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Home Made Costumes: A Time Honoured Tradition


As per tradition, I cannot decide whether or not I want to get all dolled up to
celebrate Halloween. Which means that, in a few days when I succumb to peer pressure
I’ll be scrambling to find a costume to get all dolled up in to celebrate Halloween.

And since I don’t want to go out into the world dressed as a sexy nurse, or sexy
police officer, or sexy (insert choice of employment) I need some inspiration.

Hallo internetz!

Or does this read as “sexy knitter”?

In any case, this led me  down the long and windy Google image path where the
cat-loving nerd in me pretty much decided that at least one of my friend-with-feline
house holds needs to get behind making these little guys…

Didn’t understand the trend then, and I don’t now.

It’s a Nayan kittyyyy!

Seeing as I don’t have any time to think of something  super creative costume wise, I doubt
I’ll be able to KNIT a super creative costume in time. But for those are who interested,  you can
sign up to be a Lion Brand Yarn member and get a free pattern for the
cat headband and wrist warmers shown above.


Knit, Knack, Hacked


Sorry guys, about 8 hours ago someone decided to some digital yarn bombing sans yarn.
Not sure it’s just someone who didn’t take too kindly to my poking fun of Toronto (I’ll admit, it
can be a pretty fun city sometimes), or if it was just plain ol’ spam.

In any case, here’s hoping you saw the difference between my witty writing style,
and a call out on how to make money quickly.

Would a free yarn-turkey pattern save our subscription friendship?

Waterloo Art Walk (and some Turkey Talk)


Happy Turkey Day everyone!
I say this a bit early because for me  Thanksgiving festivus is happening today in my quaint
and cozy hometown Waterloo. I get to appreciate some tree foliage changing colour and take in
the smell of warm pumpkins pies and meaty birds before returning to the Big Smoke.

As a bonus, I found this awesome little package that was used as part of Waterloo’s
Culture Days celebration. Apparently in other cities, people go on art walks sober!

Even though Culture Days are technically over, the public art installations mentioned in
this pretty rad and super designy booklet, are permanent outdoor pieces. So armed with a map,
warm sweater, and good company you can still check out nifty sculptures in the Cambridge/ K-W area.

The booklet is divided into different themes: Grand ViewsDowntown StrollUpTown Trek, and River Walk.
Each theme includes thumbnail images of art works as well as separate maps that suggest
routes for walking and biking (pay attention Nuit Blanche).

Although I’m a bit pressed for time this weekend, I definitely plan on coming back and making
a more concerted effort to visit (or in some cases, re-visit) some local, public arts – and not just to yarn bomb them 😉

Unknitters & Night Owls


As someone who still considers themselves a bit of a newbie to this city, I continue to get all pumped up when
large scale cultural happenings go down – like Nuit Blanche.

Last year I missed out on a lot of it because I had this high and mighty feeling that volunteering would be awesome.
It was not. And I got to deal with a lot of drunk idiots who thought passing out in museums would be oh so great.

This year I was a little less generous with my time and planned to spend my entire evening checking
out cool projects with people who actually wanted to see cool projects – not just rebel against whatever
parental unit they thought was constricting them by becoming total booze hounds.

While I still had to deal with some insane crowds, and potentially experienced a contact high from
the large cloud of pot that descended on Downtown Toronto, there were some genuinely good moments
that will keep me optimistic of the future of this type of event.

One such motivating moment came with  the Knit Cafe’s She’s Come Undone. Hosted by a potential location
for future Bissell Bomber meetings, textile artists Kristin Legett and Iwona Gontarska transformed a space that is
generally used for the creation of knit works, into a deconstruction site.

Throughout the night, a series of Matryoshka dolls were unravelled until the innermost doll
stood alone, surrounded by the yarn spoils of it’s past counterparts.

And if that doesn’t sound cool enough for you, in their sneak peak project posting
they made a combo Fiest and Cillian Murphy reference. WIN!