Unknitters & Night Owls


As someone who still considers themselves a bit of a newbie to this city, I continue to get all pumped up when
large scale cultural happenings go down – like Nuit Blanche.

Last year I missed out on a lot of it because I had this high and mighty feeling that volunteering would be awesome.
It was not. And I got to deal with a lot of drunk idiots who thought passing out in museums would be oh so great.

This year I was a little less generous with my time and planned to spend my entire evening checking
out cool projects with people who actually wanted to see cool projects – not just rebel against whatever
parental unit they thought was constricting them by becoming total booze hounds.

While I still had to deal with some insane crowds, and potentially experienced a contact high from
the large cloud of pot that descended on Downtown Toronto, there were some genuinely good moments
that will keep me optimistic of the future of this type of event.

One such motivating moment came with  the Knit Cafe’s She’s Come Undone. Hosted by a potential location
for future Bissell Bomber meetings, textile artists Kristin Legett and Iwona Gontarska transformed a space that is
generally used for the creation of knit works, into a deconstruction site.

Throughout the night, a series of Matryoshka dolls were unravelled until the innermost doll
stood alone, surrounded by the yarn spoils of it’s past counterparts.

And if that doesn’t sound cool enough for you, in their sneak peak project posting
they made a combo Fiest and Cillian Murphy reference. WIN!



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