Waterloo Art Walk (and some Turkey Talk)


Happy Turkey Day everyone!
I say this a bit early because for me  Thanksgiving festivus is happening today in my quaint
and cozy hometown Waterloo. I get to appreciate some tree foliage changing colour and take in
the smell of warm pumpkins pies and meaty birds before returning to the Big Smoke.

As a bonus, I found this awesome little package that was used as part of Waterloo’s
Culture Days celebration. Apparently in other cities, people go on art walks sober!

Even though Culture Days are technically over, the public art installations mentioned in
this pretty rad and super designy booklet, are permanent outdoor pieces. So armed with a map,
warm sweater, and good company you can still check out nifty sculptures in the Cambridge/ K-W area.

The booklet is divided into different themes: Grand ViewsDowntown StrollUpTown Trek, and River Walk.
Each theme includes thumbnail images of art works as well as separate maps that suggest
routes for walking and biking (pay attention Nuit Blanche).

Although I’m a bit pressed for time this weekend, I definitely plan on coming back and making
a more concerted effort to visit (or in some cases, re-visit) some local, public arts – and not just to yarn bomb them 😉


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