Home Made Costumes: A Time Honoured Tradition


As per tradition, I cannot decide whether or not I want to get all dolled up to
celebrate Halloween. Which means that, in a few days when I succumb to peer pressure
I’ll be scrambling to find a costume to get all dolled up in to celebrate Halloween.

And since I don’t want to go out into the world dressed as a sexy nurse, or sexy
police officer, or sexy (insert choice of employment) I need some inspiration.

Hallo internetz!

Or does this read as “sexy knitter”?

In any case, this led me  down the long and windy Google image path where the
cat-loving nerd in me pretty much decided that at least one of my friend-with-feline
house holds needs to get behind making these little guys…

Didn’t understand the trend then, and I don’t now.

It’s a Nayan kittyyyy!

Seeing as I don’t have any time to think of something  super creative costume wise, I doubt
I’ll be able to KNIT a super creative costume in time. But for those are who interested,  you can
sign up to be a Lion Brand Yarn member and get a free pattern for the
cat headband and wrist warmers shown above.


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