Mo’vember, Mo’patterns


So Halloween is over. And whether you’re just emerging from a chocolate-coated,
sugary goodness candy coma or still trying to dry off after being out and about the night before,
you probably thought that dress up time was over.

Au contraire mon frère!

It’s November 1st!
Scratch that.
It’s MOvember 1st.

And that means it’s time for the fellas to get all beardy!
As to why this is a thing, check out Movember Canada, or Movember WordWide
and read about their efforts to raise awareness of prostate cancer and promote men’s health.

And don’t think that just because you’ve got some extra Estrogen
you can’t be a part of this ridiculous month long movement because, “Sistas can mo too“.
While the site tends to describe a sister in a more behind-every-great-man-stands-a-great-woman
sort of way, we subversive yarnbombers know a think or too about really showing our support.

Introducing everything ever created with a moustache attached to it.
Srsly. Google something and add “moustache” to it.
Plant. CHECK
Cookie. CHECK.
Octopus. CHECK.
Justin Bieber. Ok, maybe not everything

For those of us who can’t grow your own facial hair, or actually take great pains to hide it,
some alternatives to the real deal would be knitting or crocheting your own.
These guys were even nice enough to post their patterns for FREE!

Fo Yo Face
Craft Foxes
Makes Me Happy

Fo Yo…
Chest: Witchy Wiche
Neck: Craftser
Finger: Topst Turvy
Mug Cozie:
 Tutus & Tea Parties

The list goes on, and on. But you get the idea.
This month I’m going to attempt to make a moustache for my yoga mat
but I’m curious to see what you guys end up making.

Send me a mo-photo and I’ll post it on our Facebook page.
The best knitter gets… our undying love? 🙂


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