Take Me to Your (Stitch n’ Bitch) Leader


I don’t know about all you non-students out there, but this month
has been a preeeeetty hectic one at the iSchool. So busy in fact that
my nerdy-museum side hogged all the attention and my
nerdy-sci-fi side almost missed out on a crazy town news story
(and hilarious serious of cat puns).

SOMETHING HAPPENED IN SPACE!!!! and we’re going to find out about later…

I guess NASA doesn’t want to pull a #NBCfail or something so they
are going to test the living bajeezus out of whatever they have/think they
have before letting us know.
Thanks guys!

Naturally this means we have free license to speculate WILDLY about
what this “history changing” finding could be.
Evidence of water?
Space gold?
Something else to balance this poorly thought out list…

Personally I hope its aliens. And by that I mean REAL aliens – none of
this Plain Jane organic matter business. Boooooring!

So to tide us over for the month, and become more familiar with our
future overlords, the Bissellbombers gathered up some of their
favourite crochet alien patterns.

Fingers crossed we see some resemblance when Curiosity reveals its big secret.

Futurama Brain Slugs

Ami-Ami the Amigurumi Alien

Bubble Leg Monster

The serial crocheteuses n°90 : Alien


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