Calling All Crocheters!


BIG NEWS GUYS! All the secret little meetings I’ve been running to, and all the teasers I’ve
been putting out into the inter webz have come to an end. I finally get to do the big reveal.
And it is pretty friggin’ big.
Or should I say tall??

For those of you who don’t recognize these hyper stylized stairs, these are what
visitors use when they’re leaving the Walker Court and heading to the Thompson collection

Yeah, that AGO.
*insert squeals of joy

The back story for this crazy project goes like this.
For the past few months the AGO has been hosting a series of wildly successful adult nights called
1st Thursdays which happen as one might suspect on the first Thursday of every month.
In preparation for February’s event, the Bissell Bombers were contacted by a few OCAD
students who have been curatorially collaborating with street artist to bring their projects indoors.

*insert squeals of joy

This is a FANTASTIC honour and the offer blew the Bissell Bomber minds.
And we’re determined not to disappoint!

With that sentiment in mind, we sheepishly approach you all for a wee bit of help.

They say that the camera adds 10 pounds. Well in this case it might be more like 100 pounds.
These stairs seem to get bigger every time I look up at them, especially when I have to stand at the very opposite end of the court in order to capture it with my little instagraming phone. And while our small group of knitters are very speedy, we’re hoping that fellow knitters might feel
inspired by some festive holiday feelings and donate a few castaways for a cause.

And donations will not go unrecognised!

To show our appreciation for all the hard work random people are putting into
making our big ideas come to fruition, we’ve set up a little rewards system.

1 granny hexagon = your name/knit pseudonym on our blog
10 & above granny h’s = name on blog + tag on your piece in the show
amazing amounts of granny h’s = all of the above AND we will live tweet a photo of your piece during the night of the event surrounded by all your loving and adoring fans


And because we all know how super talented you are, we’re not going to
do something silly like restrict that creative genius with colour combos or style guides.
Once we’ve collected all the contributions we’re going to start stitching them together
and cover those stairs (and possibly some smaller  surprise locations as well).

So let us know what you think!
If you’re interested in contributing drop us a line through our Contact Us page
and if you’ve  got any unanswered questions, take a peek at our official Bissell Call Out (which you’re

free to distribute at your Stitch n’ Bitch sessions *wink  wink).

So excited to see this!!!

call out caption


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