Project Update #1: Museums Unite!


CASTOFF Curator has posted the call out at the Canmore Museum

Hey everyone! I know that the holidays are a busy time for everyone, but I figure that the very least I
could do was give you all an update about some of the AMAZING work we’ve seen thus far in our mini project.

This week, we reached out to a few knitting groups and crafty communities seeking
out supplies and samples. Our very own CASToff Curator, who some of you may remember
left Toronto for the magical mountains of  Alberta didn’t let a little thing like 3,502.0 km
stop her from contributing. As an original member of the Bissell Bombers AND MMst grad,
she summoned up some museum power and did a little cross-country promoting.

For those who plan on taking a trip to the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre be sure to
keep your eyes peeled for our poster, and say “hi” CASToff – if you can figure out which one she is 😉


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