Project Update #2: Return to the City


Kitty cat covered in yarn
Welcome back!
Hope that everyone had a nice little holiday break.
As Bissell Bomber members slowly make their way back to Toronto for
another round of Museum Studies master classes, a few of us (and a kitty)
set to work on phase two of the project.

Confused about this green garland our unofficial mascot is sporting?
This is the beginning of our creepy, crawly vine and where some of your
beautiful flowers will be dangling from.

We’ve already gotten some pretty amazing donations and over the weeks
we’ll be posting about some of the terrific people and groups who are helping us out.

If you’d like to know more about how you can lend a hand, check out our
poster call out or send us a message.

At the moment we’re looking for any kind of scrap yarn you were
planning on tossing out, granny hexagons, and/or flowers.

We’re pretty flexible about colours and patterns because we know people are
working at all sorts of skill levels and you might not have specific colours at home.
But to give you an idea of what we’re hoping to see more of, I’ve found some
online samples to get your creative juices flowin’.

Flower blossoms Crochet  granny hexagon

     Good luck and have fun!


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