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Project Shoutout: Lauren W.



I have to say, when the Bissell Bombers were first asked to be a part of the
AGO’s 1St Thursday project, we were a little nervous about asking
fellow students if  they would mind helping out.
A little flower here, a little hexagon there, a lot of spare yarn all over the place…

But Lauren W. was super adorable about joining in  the fun.
So today the Bissell Bombers are thanking her not only for these
terrificly soft blue hexagons, but also for her generous spirit.

We know what classes you have, and how tricky those vaguely worded essay assignments
can be to interpret. Props to you for powering through!


Project Shoutout: Karis R.



We’ve got another shout out to SHOUT out today.
Introducing the work of Karis R. who learned how to crochet hexagons
for the very first time as part of this new fangled AGO 1St Thursday project.

In the beginning we offered Karis some tips and tricks that we had learned
over the years, but the grasshopper quickly out schooled us masters.
Paired with her sister, they started going allll out with colour combinations
and found some fresh patterns to use.

So THANKS KARIS R. for the fun additions to our yarnbomb!
Only a few more days until art lovers and late night Torontonians
get to see all your hard work in action.

                       karis 1  karis 2


Project Shoutout: Joyce I.


With only 5 days left to send in donations, we’re getting that much closer to our
AGO 1st Thursday yarnbombing event!

Today’s project shoutout goes to Joyce I. for taking us up on our offer
by donating not only some pretty hexagons, but also a
nice bouquet of bright yarn flowers.

And special credit goes to Laura I. for making the drive to Toronto
in order to deliver this awesome package.

Go team work!





Project Update: Canmore Package Arrives!



For those following our AGO 1st thursday project from the beginning,
you might recall that our very own CASToff Curator offered to gather donations
from her new home in Alberta.

Well that province and the staff at the Canmore museum certainly did not disappointing!
Only a few moments ago their package full of FORTY hexagons arrived!


The purples! The pinks! Alberta, you’re after my heart with these six-sides
crocheted bundles of yarn skillz.
*Psst! Can I use them to make a blanket instead and keep them for myself?

These pieces are a welcome addition to the AGO yarnbomb project – happening in only a few more weeks!
We will continue to collect donations until January 31st but after that it’s going to be
hours and hours and hours of stitching for us as we piece all these pretty hexagons together.

Project Update: New Yarnbomb sites



Our unofficial mascot is at it again, this time totally not chasing the retractable
measuring tape around the apartment. That would be silly.

And the reason that the Bissell Bombers (+ kitty) are writing down a whole set of dimensions
this late in the game, is because… uhm… there have been a few changes.

Since the whole donations call out was predicated on the idea that contributions would
be going towards a massive art installation covering the AGO Walker Court stairs, the
Bissell Bombers felt that we owed it to all of our followers and supporters
to be totally open and honest about how time and materials would be spent.

We know exactly how much effort goes into making every little crochet flower and
granny hexagon and we want to honour that effort by sharing with the world
what you’ve done and how much we love you for it.

That being said, we hope you won’t be too broken hearted that our yarnbomb site
is being relocated to another section of the gallery.
(and if you are, please refer to the adorable kitty picture above).

At the moment, all those fantastic pieces you have all been sending in are going to
be reconfigured to cover this guy down here.


Not familiar with it?
No worries. Not everyone is a Frank Gehry aficionado and there will
be plenty of time to become more acquainted with architectural
concepts and terminology when your standing amongst it and it’s yarn coveredness.

So to recap and look at the bright shiny silver lining:
– no more Walker Court covering
– new windy, serpent-esque ramp covering

And honestly, wouldn’t this little change make things better?
Now instead of craning your necks to see your piece way, way up in the air now you can
literally walk up to you and touch it. You can stand right next to it and proudly proclaim
to everyone walking by that YOUR piece is RIGHT THERE!

I’d say that is a win.

And now if you will excuse us, the Bissell Bombers (+ sleepy kitty) have
to get back to some measurements 🙂

            IMG_20130116_204419  IMG_20130116_212023

Or take a mini nap…

Project Shoutout: Crochet Craftsladies Curatorial Comments


HA! You probably didn’t expect to see not one, not two, but THREE blogs in a single day.
Well we weren’t kidding when we said we were getting in a ton of donations.
Ok, technically not a ton, but I mean lots. And lots. And lots of stuff!
Now that the submission of Jan 31st is fast approaching, we’re really ramping up the posts.

And since the Waterloo ladies have been absolutely phenomenal
with their charitable contributions, the Bissell Bombers decided to
extend our donation reward system to allow the Waterloo group to post
their own descriptions of their work.

So without further adieu…

Parental unit has gone crochet crazy and seeks colour inspiration
from various sources; billboards, winter coats, paintings.

This particular series and titled “mischool”, was inspired by a trip down memory lane of school colours.
We begin with the double blue of Cedarbrae Public and then the yellow and black of MacGregor Sr. Public
High school is represented by the red, blue and white of the WCI Warriors.  University of Guelph, her workplace
and where her daughter completed her undergraduate degree, is crafted in red, gold and black.
Finally we conclude with the blue and white of University of Toronto where the Bissel Bombers are
currently very studious, with time to spare for the AGO yarnbomb project.
Perfect project to counter the winter blues.


“mischool” by Angela H., 2013

Also included in their donations were  these pieces, which in a few short weeks
you’ll be able to see in person at the AGO’s 1st Thursday event.

Lia S 2

more Mara


Stella L

Project Shoutout: Waterloo Women!


We had another huge pile of donations come in this weekend all the way
from Waterloo and the Beta Sigma Phi sorority sisters.
Turns out there is a whole group of them that meet every Wednesday and they’ve
turned their attention away from making soft plushy pieces for loved ones
to making things for us! Awww! You guys are the best!

Fun fact: Susan V., a member of the Beta Sigma Phi and AGO yarnbomb
donator extraordinaire, also donated to the Bissell Bombers stair piece project last year.


Stupid camera phone won’t let me capture the amazing neon green. Just trust me on it’s brightness. Thanks Susan V.!


We think these Arctic camouflage pieces will work for some extra sneaky yarn bombing.


New pieces by Angela H.


These pieces by Angela H. are making me crave kimbap and sushi. Is that strange?


Susan V., we’re really diggin’ the variety. Who would have thought teal and brown would rock out so well together.


I can totes see these turning into a raniy-day-sippin’-tea-snuggling-blanket in the future.


New pieces from Mara V. that will go great with her previous series.


MORE FLOWERS! Because we weren’t jealous enough of Angela H.’s talent.


Angela H. was inspired by the colours she saw in some Christian Morrisseau paintings.


From Susan V., some Earth tones for the eco-conscious yarnbomber.


I fought my love of pink for so long as a child, but I will definitely embrace it here with these pieces from Angela H.