Project Shout Outs: Emma K.


Red crochet hexagons

Check these out!!!
Our donations are really starting to add up and as promised in the official
Bissell Bomber call out poster / project post, for those charitable people who offered to
make 10+ flowers or hexagons, we’re dedicating an entire blog  post for you!

These warm and fuzzy red crochet hexagons come to us from Emma K., who some
of you in the internet world might also know as Emmy Lou Knits.

This is one busy lady!
Not only does she write her own blog, have her own Etsy page,
take these sweet photos on Instagram but you can also follow her on Twitter.

So a GIANT THANK YOU goes out to Emma K. from all of us here at the
Bissell Bombers. We can’t wait to pair these up with some of the other
pieces we’ve taken in. I’m already envisioning them strung together over
the AGO stairs and it looks impressive! 😉

We’ll continue with our project updates as the month
progresses, so be sure to pop back over to the site to see how your
work joins together with new pieces flooding our closets, cupboards, and drawers.


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