Project Shout Outs: Angela H.


Angela H (1)Angela H (2)

Saturday was a massive donation day. The AGO project got lots of goodies
coming in from Waterloo, and we’re tipping our hats off to one special lady: Angela H.

Over the Christmas break, this fantastic maternal figure really hunkered down and produced 50 hexagons!
That’s fifty with a capital HO MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!
And check out all the awesome colours and patterns she  did!
They’ve even got freakin’ flowers on them!

And that’s not even all of it!
She is committed to amping up her crochet time – she’s been averaging 5 hexagons a night.
Think you can beat that? *shameless ploy to encourage more donations*

We’ll keep a pattern list going for those of you interested in learning how
you can make your very own budding flowers, so send us your recommendations
and maybe you’ll inspire some more fun additions for our upcoming yarn bomb.

We know that Angela H. has certainly inspired us rethink some of our
own work and not rest on our laurels.

Yikes! The yarn bombing work just got a little bit more competitive!


And as always, you can read more about the AGO project here, or contact us here.


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