Project Shoutout: Mara V.


Mara V (1)

YIPPEE! More Hexagons!
These beautiful pink and white creations are once again the result
of Waterloo’s helpful spirit – there must be some crafty stuff in their water.

A big Bissell Bomber shoutout goes to Mara V. who put some of her
spare yarn to good use by donating to the AGO yarn bombing project.
We’re so incredibly thankful for your assistance (and secretly wish we could turn
these into a  blanket and snuggle with it during this chilly winter).

Only a few more weeks until these guys make their debut on
the Walker Court stairs, right alongside of the work by Angela H., Emma K.,
and some other ladies who are close to delivering up some accompanying
flowers and other pretty accessories.

Anyone else looking for some quasi-internet fandom, you can earn a
prestigious blog reference by checking out our project callout and
donating materials for a yarn bomb extravaganza happening Feb 7th at the AGO.
Tickets for the night are already on sale, and they go quickly.
Last month they ran out, so be sure to get them while you can!
So exciting!!


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