Mini-(yarn)bombing Break



Humph! First week of classes: 1 paper already submitted, 3 meetings down, countless project e-mails sent…
This calls for a vacation…museum style!

Some of you may recall that the founders of our sweet little Bissell Bomber group
are still in fact grad students, and sometimes get distracted
from our knit works with schoolwork.

But learning about museums definitely has it’s perks.
Every so often museum professionals will kindly give us their tips and tricks
for surviving in this pretty competitive field. Between finding funding, pleasing donors
and making sure your collection doesn’t turn to dust it can be a pretty stressful career choice.

Hence a mini-vacation to start the term on a solid note.
So for the next few days the Bissell Bombers are putting down their needles
and picking up exhibition guide books and event passes.

And since we’ve been notified of some wonderful yarn bomb donations as part of our
AGO 1st Thursday project, you can be sure we’ll return to the blogosphere
with some re-invigorated shout outs and gracious “thank you”‘s.

So have a great weekend guys!
And for local Ottawa-ians curious about a potential Bissell Bomber spotting,
be sure to check stop by these museums and other spots:

National Gallery of Canada

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian War Museum

Canada Aviation and Space

Canada Science and Technology

Bytown Museum


Currency Museum

Royal Canadian Mint

Canada Agriculture Museum

Pinhey’s Point Historic Site

Les Brasseurs du Temps

Vanier Museopark

Billings Estate Museum

Parliament of Canada

Rideau Hall

Supreme Court of Canada

Canadian Ski Museum


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