Home Time!


Success! All the little MMst-ers made it back to Toronto all in one piece.
No terrible skating accidents resulting in broken wrists.
I’m looking at you CASToff Curator!


This is only a small sampling of what you can accomplish on a 5.5 hour
bus ride from Toronto to Ottawa, keeping in mind the naps, Hot Fuzz movie
showing, and the general giddiness that takes place when a group of nerds
get closer and closer to national institutions full of arts.

But as much fun as the trip was, it was great to return home to our familiar pillows
in our own beds… that are now covered in the huge amounts of donated material
waiting for us upon our arrival.

Seriously, we got a TON of stuff as part of our AGO yarnbombing project.
So much so, that when I attempted to tweet about it my account crashed!

So once the internet recovers from the multitude of granny hexagons and flowers
kindly crafters have given us, be sure to check out some photos and be
in awe of some talented ladies.


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