Project Shoutout: Lia S.


Lia S

These cute hexagons are just the beginning of what we will eventually
be seeing from Lia S.

She heard about our project through the grape vine/ interwebz
and the Bissell Bombers immediately ignored everything they had ever
been taught by their parental units regarding life rules about talking to strangers.
Because sharing is caring, guys!

So a big shout out go to Lia S. who reached out to us while we flailed around online
asking for donations, inspiration, and motivation to work
towards our AGO yarnbombing dreams.

Lia S., your AWESOME!

We’re so thrilled to see that a community based project is actually
being taken up by the community! 

And for anyone else who’d like to follow in Lia’s footsteps, the donation doors
will remain open until January 31st. You can contacts us here for more
delivery/pick up options.


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