Project Shoutout: Crochet Craftsladies Curatorial Comments


HA! You probably didn’t expect to see not one, not two, but THREE blogs in a single day.
Well we weren’t kidding when we said we were getting in a ton of donations.
Ok, technically not a ton, but I mean lots. And lots. And lots of stuff!
Now that the submission of Jan 31st is fast approaching, we’re really ramping up the posts.

And since the Waterloo ladies have been absolutely phenomenal
with their charitable contributions, the Bissell Bombers decided to
extend our donation reward system to allow the Waterloo group to post
their own descriptions of their work.

So without further adieu…

Parental unit has gone crochet crazy and seeks colour inspiration
from various sources; billboards, winter coats, paintings.

This particular series and titled “mischool”, was inspired by a trip down memory lane of school colours.
We begin with the double blue of Cedarbrae Public and then the yellow and black of MacGregor Sr. Public
High school is represented by the red, blue and white of the WCI Warriors.  University of Guelph, her workplace
and where her daughter completed her undergraduate degree, is crafted in red, gold and black.
Finally we conclude with the blue and white of University of Toronto where the Bissel Bombers are
currently very studious, with time to spare for the AGO yarnbomb project.
Perfect project to counter the winter blues.


“mischool” by Angela H., 2013

Also included in their donations were  these pieces, which in a few short weeks
you’ll be able to see in person at the AGO’s 1st Thursday event.

Lia S 2

more Mara


Stella L


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