Project Shoutout: Elyse R.



Back in the early days of the Bissell Bombers, we posted a  pom pom tutorial  that seems
to have really struck a cord (or should I say thread) with our latest crafty lady of the hour: Elyse R.

When we asked for help from local knitters and crocheters for our AGO project we unintentionally
left out a huge gap of amazing talent: those new to the ways of the yarn.
We’ve been quick to remedy that glaring omission and as a result we’ve
got this incredible variety of multicoloured fuzzy balls!

So THANKS ELYSE R. for proving that everyone is capable of tapping into their
inner DIY side to produce some really great looking things.
There are even some rumors that she’s gotten her sister hooked. Can’t wait to see the family resemblence lol.

If you’ve got an idea for a new accessory that could decorate the soon-to-be
yarn bombed Walker Court stairs, give us a shout at our e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

We’ll be accepting donations up until Jan 31st in prep for the
AGO’s 1st Thursday event happening on Feb 7th.
Tickets are already on sale, but sell out quickly so get them while ya can!


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