Project Shoutout: Waterloo Women!


We had another huge pile of donations come in this weekend all the way
from Waterloo and the Beta Sigma Phi sorority sisters.
Turns out there is a whole group of them that meet every Wednesday and they’ve
turned their attention away from making soft plushy pieces for loved ones
to making things for us! Awww! You guys are the best!

Fun fact: Susan V., a member of the Beta Sigma Phi and AGO yarnbomb
donator extraordinaire, also donated to the Bissell Bombers stair piece project last year.


Stupid camera phone won’t let me capture the amazing neon green. Just trust me on it’s brightness. Thanks Susan V.!


We think these Arctic camouflage pieces will work for some extra sneaky yarn bombing.


New pieces by Angela H.


These pieces by Angela H. are making me crave kimbap and sushi. Is that strange?


Susan V., we’re really diggin’ the variety. Who would have thought teal and brown would rock out so well together.


I can totes see these turning into a raniy-day-sippin’-tea-snuggling-blanket in the future.


New pieces from Mara V. that will go great with her previous series.


MORE FLOWERS! Because we weren’t jealous enough of Angela H.’s talent.


Angela H. was inspired by the colours she saw in some Christian Morrisseau paintings.


From Susan V., some Earth tones for the eco-conscious yarnbomber.


I fought my love of pink for so long as a child, but I will definitely embrace it here with these pieces from Angela H.


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