Project Update: New Yarnbomb sites



Our unofficial mascot is at it again, this time totally not chasing the retractable
measuring tape around the apartment. That would be silly.

And the reason that the Bissell Bombers (+ kitty) are writing down a whole set of dimensions
this late in the game, is because… uhm… there have been a few changes.

Since the whole donations call out was predicated on the idea that contributions would
be going towards a massive art installation covering the AGO Walker Court stairs, the
Bissell Bombers felt that we owed it to all of our followers and supporters
to be totally open and honest about how time and materials would be spent.

We know exactly how much effort goes into making every little crochet flower and
granny hexagon and we want to honour that effort by sharing with the world
what you’ve done and how much we love you for it.

That being said, we hope you won’t be too broken hearted that our yarnbomb site
is being relocated to another section of the gallery.
(and if you are, please refer to the adorable kitty picture above).

At the moment, all those fantastic pieces you have all been sending in are going to
be reconfigured to cover this guy down here.


Not familiar with it?
No worries. Not everyone is a Frank Gehry aficionado and there will
be plenty of time to become more acquainted with architectural
concepts and terminology when your standing amongst it and it’s yarn coveredness.

So to recap and look at the bright shiny silver lining:
– no more Walker Court covering
– new windy, serpent-esque ramp covering

And honestly, wouldn’t this little change make things better?
Now instead of craning your necks to see your piece way, way up in the air now you can
literally walk up to you and touch it. You can stand right next to it and proudly proclaim
to everyone walking by that YOUR piece is RIGHT THERE!

I’d say that is a win.

And now if you will excuse us, the Bissell Bombers (+ sleepy kitty) have
to get back to some measurements 🙂

            IMG_20130116_204419  IMG_20130116_212023

Or take a mini nap…


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