Project Shoutout: Gulcan O.



Well guys (and gals) it is officially past our donation due date for the
AGO 1st Thursday yarnbomb project.

Fun fact: We got so may donations in this past week that we haven’t
even had a chance to post them all up!!!

These great big orange scene stealers from Gulcan O. are just
part of a massive bundle we will be using on Feb 7th – a night dedicated to
mashing up exterior art with a fun indoor party.

Now a little bird has told me that the tickets are all sold out
BUT I often hear voices so maybe don’t take my word on it.
If it is true than a DOUBLE SHOUTOUT to EVERYONE who
ever gave our group mini multicoloured flowers, hexagons and especially
encouraging words. These past few weeks have been CRAZY with work,
school, and this amazing opportunity and we could not have done
it or come even close without the heartfelt support we’ve been given.

Ya’ll rock!


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    • Sorry we haven’t posted a ShoutOut for you yet!
      One of our members did pick up a package from Art Barn so I will double check with her which ones are which and we’ll remedy the situation 🙂

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