Project Update: Catharine W.



Obvious statement of  the day: Toronto has had some weird weather the past few days.
-22, snow, rain, fog?!, +14, snow… MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

Suddenly our call out requesting knitted flowers doesn’t seem to strange
anymore does it. That’s right, we saw that quizzical expression you had.
It’s sort of like the one you have on right now. Dun dun DUN!
(Don’t worry, we can’t really see you).

Now our original call out talked about some plane-Jane crochet flowers,
but that original plan has seen some obvious revisions and
as our last few posts have illustrated, we’ve clearly dipped into a
very talented volunteer pool.

Hence another project SHOUTout to Catharine W.
Catharine went that extra mile/took that extra step/gave it 110%
by felting her crochet flowers and for that we salute her.

None of the previous Bissell  Bomber projects have used this technique yet
and for the life of me I don’t know why. This stuff is so PRETTY!
I predict seeing a lot more felted stuff in the future…so stay tuned!


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