Project Shoutout: Laura J.


Eermahgerd! Eermahgerd! Eermahgerd!
The AGO 1st Thursday show is almost here!!!


We are so excited for the big event, so excited that we have neglected to
update you all on the amazing things that came out of
our desperate donation drive.

So here we go,  our last big photo glut pre-install.

First up, we have some lovely flowers to go on…
IMG_20130202_113008 IMG_20130202_113245


Laura J. has been providing the group with a series of leafy greens
for almost a month now. I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger and taken
an unfortunately long amount of time in finally displaying my
adoration for her publicly.

But no more! A tip of the hat and a Bissell Bomber  SHOUTout to Laura J.
who has been an active contributor to the project on Facebook, with her
cute little links and stories, and her kind donation of pattern books
(with the doubly generous offer of passing them along to potential
yarn bombers if they are looking for inspiration).

We  hope to see you at the big show THIS Thursday at the Art Gallery of Ontario!
Woot! Woot!



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