Gettin’ Graphic

"empty space", 2013

“empty space”, 2013

When the Bissell Bomber’s started this blog last year,
it came out of a simple way to collect all the little tid bits we had been slowly
accumulating while researching a pretty bizarre hobby.

One thing led to another and we moved away from just writing about it, to actually doing it.
From random interest spurring exploration, to igniting a creative drive.

Now, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that as kids we quickly labeled ourselves and others.
Fitting everyone into neat little categories to give our lives some structure and organization.
To simplify things we created the jocks, the drama queens, the nerds, the dweebs, and the art kids.
We figured out which group we quasi fit into and that became our identity,
something meant to be permanent and give others around us an easy way to
define us and orient themselves accordingly.

How many times have you caught yourself thinking, “Well I can’t do this thing, I’m not that person”.
I can’t play basketball, I’m not athletic.
I can’t draw a picture, I’m not artistic.
Excuses, excuses.

Before the Bissell Bombers I can definitely attest to thinking I would never be a knitter.
Yarn was for old ladies who doiley-fied everything and had too many cats.
And not to get all preachy (too late!) but I just think it is buckets full of amazing
when people leap out of their comfortable yet confining identity role and into
something completely unexpected. Like for example… 650 WIDE.

This dude has been on the corporate path to suits and condos for the majority of his
life sprinkled with dashes of MVP awards and sports trophies. I don’t believe he has ever
uttered the phrase, “Let’s go check out this art museum” once and yet suddenly
he’s putting aside  his ties and cheque books in order to tap into something
completely outside his old world view by playing with pictures.

His site is pretty new, and as such reveals his early experiments and first steps
into graphic design, but those first steps are brave and inspiring and could lead to something amazing!

Maybe it’s been all the SoulPancake I’ve been watching recently, but I’m
getting giddy mini goosebumps and warm fuzzies thinking about how wonderful it is
when people continue to push themselves and really test out who they are.

Congrats and good luck to 650 WIDE on your new endeavour!
Now include a subscribe feature on your site…


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