World Domination! (or at the very least ‘Street level Shenanigans’)


Before becoming obsessed with the quirky world of yarnbombing, most members
of the group had dabbled in other kinds of crafts and hobbies.

Some sketched, other painted, a few even made their own clothes.

So when I came across Keri Smith‘s book called ‘The Guerilla Art Kit‘ I knew it would
have something for each of us.

After realizing how much of the world was going unnoticed as people tried to block out
the overwhelming advertising and mass media surrounding people on a  daily
basis, Keri compiled a series of activities geared at getting you to take a long
hard stare in the spaces you inhabit.

The activities range across material types and skill levels but before even opening the cover
I decided that I was going to make allllllll of them.

I’m currently experiencing an art-high and actually took a pause in writing
this incredibly short blog in order to jot down some
of my own ideas that have a knitted twist.

Now that the school term is winding down for a lot of people, and we’re supposedly
going to get some warm sun in this city any day now, there should be lots of
opportunities to really get out there and enjoy those public
spaces that – ya know are supposed to be for the public.


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