Grad Life Part Two: The Employment

It’s only been a few weeks since convocation, but already there have been a few big updates
from the class of ’13 making their way to Bissell Bomber ears.
SOME OF US HAVE BEEN EMPLOYED! And in the museum world no less!
This is pretty huge.
So a round of applause goes to all those persistent project managers, and
encouraged exhibition designers.Also happening in this wonderful overlap between yarnbombing and museums,
a recent MMsT grad let us know about some awesome corchet projects
happening that in her new home town.The Cincinnati Museum Centre
(which is now hosting the Ultimate Dino exhibition the ROM had available last summer)
has partnered up with the Cincinnati Bombshells to create a cozy display… with MAMMOTHS!
Called Operation Prehistoric: First in Flight, the group took over the sculptural herd found on Gest street.
I might not have been a huge fan of Disney’s Dumbo, but even I think the little dude
with the big floppy ears and yellow hat is beyond adorable. The mini-monkey was a sweet touch too.
This is not the first time these ladies have worked with museums, back in 2012 they did an
amazing installation for Truly Newly (fiber) Chihuly for the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Great Hall.
It’s pretty incredible to see what they have been doing, and I’m glad they continue to be supported
by their community and cultural hubs.
Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the year!
For a full interview with these craft ladies, be sure to check out their The List Show interview with Jenell Walton.

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