What do a bunch of museum studies girls do when they’re not reading about learning theories and visitor experiences?
We craft our little hearts out in coffee shops across midtown Toronto – hipster grandma styles.

And since we’re all very dorky passionate grad candidates we thought we’d combine
our love of knitting with our love of curatorial practices and
VOILA! Bissell Bombing was born!

So in true MMst form, we present our Mission Statement

We’re gonna make this pretty!

Yarn bombing is the practice of altering public spaces through knitting and/or crocheting.
These crafty pieces can range from wrapped bike racks and poles, to entire vehicles!

Although these yarn bombs do not actually damage the objects they cover, the movement
has been categorized as a type of graffiti – albeit a socially accepted form. The general
reaction  to such brightly coloured invasions of the public space has been consistently
positive with huge numbers of  artists and non-artists working together.

This site was created to not only document yarn bombing projects that ischool students have
created but also bring to light other aspects of the movement and what has been
happening across the globe.

So enjoy the view as we slowly take over our school.
And we hope you feel inspired to bring some cheer to your
own neighborhood 🙂